Get Rid of Snoring Problem for Good – If You Follow This Simple Plan

Wednesday, 1 November 2017 10:06:15 PM Pacific/Auckland

Get Rid of Snoring Problem for Good – If You Follow This Simple Plan

Get Rid of Snoring Problem for Good

Here are 6 natural ways that you can put snoring to rest:

1) Adjust your sleep position

A lot people are not aware that when we lie down on our back, the base of our tongue and the soft palate collapse to the back wall of our throat. Hence causing the rattling sound when we inhale and exhale during our sleep. By changing the position we sleep in, we could easily resolve our snoring problem. Sleeping on your side can prevent the relaxed structure from blocking the airflow through your throat ensuring positive airflow. A full length body pillow can provide your body with adequate support when sleeping on your side.

If sleeping on your side is not your ideal

position, then you could try raising the head of your bed by adding an extra pillow. This elevated position can open up your nasal passage to ensure positive airflow.

2) Good sleep hygiene

Good sleep hygiene is extremely important and is often being ignored. Consistent, adequate amounts of sleep can stop your body from entering a sleep deprivation state. This is where your muscles become even more relaxed and cause the rattling noise when you finally hit the sack.

3). Avoid alcohol

Alcohol and other sedative medications can relax your throat muscles, increasing the likelihood of snoring. It is recommended to avoid alcohol at least 5 hours before bedtime.

4). Decongest your nasal passage

You might have noticed snoring becomes more prominent when you have a cold, sinus allergies or congested nose. This is because when your sinus passage is narrowed, air flows through at a much faster rate. Hence increasing the likelihood of producing a snore.

A simple fix would be a hot shower before bedtime. The steam from the shower can help open up the nasal passage.

Salt water such as “Sinus Rinse” can help flush your sinuses, unblock your nose and open up your nasal passage. This is particularly good if you have a congested nose from a cold or an allergy.

Nasal strips could also work to lift and open your nasal passage if your snoring is originated from your nose and not within your soft palate.

5). Remove allergens in your bedroom

Dust mites accumulate in your pillows can cause allergies which may lead to snoring. It is wise to aerate your pillows under the sun on a regular basis to remove dust mites allergens.

Allowing pets in your bed may also contribute to or make snoring worse due to inhaling your pet’s dander.

6). Lose weight

Loosing weight might help only if your snoring is caused by weight gain. Carrying extra weight around your neck can reduce the internal diameter of your throats hence increasing the chance of it collapsing while you sleep.

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